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Amanda Tudor

The Girl Next Door Who Packs a Punch

Meet Amanda

I'm a classically trained AEA actor.  I've got an itch for adventure (running with the bulls in Spain, hanging off the CN Tower, hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, a goal to run a race in all 50 states, trapeze lessons, a passion of history (especially Teddy Roosevelt and The Civil War era) which I get to exercise working as a tour guide up and down the East Coast, a taste for fine bourbon, and a love of the Bard.

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Amanda's Story


About Amanda

White Water Rafting Moose River Adirondacks, NY
NYC Half Marathon

I grew up in Kentucky running amok amongst the bluegrass, playing soccer and baseball on all-boy teams. However, at age 10, when my thick accent was no longer cute, my family moved my younger brother and I to the frozen north: Kalamazoo, Michigan. I first attempted making friends in the “tundra” by auditioning for the HS production of “Cinderella.” I fell in love.

While sports and academics remained important to me as an overachieving nerd and sports fan, I started focusing on theatre: I got involved with forensics, speech and debate competitions, receiving perfect scores at several competitions and competing at the state level. I started performing at community theatres in the area. As a senior in high school, I had the opportunity to forgo my normal high school experience to attend Interlochen Arts Academy. I chose to go for it.

After a year of focusing on theatre and intense academics, I decided to study history and theatre performance in college, the world was my oyster as far as acceptance letters went. I chose The Hartt School in Connecticut. I tobogganed my way out of the tundra to the foreign eastern coast. My world opened up further with a study abroad program in England and lots of traveling in that semester throughout Europe; I prolonged the study abroad with a summer job managing a venue at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. When I returned my senior year I was invited by Hartford Stage and Michael Wilson to join the casts of “A Christmas Carol” and “The Milktrain Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore” starring Olympia Dukakis. So my professional life in the theatre was off.

With a launch via Hartford Stage into my career, I quickly moved to New York and just as quickly packed back up to join the Shakespeare Theatre in DC for a year long internship.

Now I remain the perpetual student; I continue to study theatre and history while also continuing my athletic inclinations running competitively for charity. I started new endeavors such as exploring a career in stunts, studying with Bob Cotter at Hollywood Stunts. I went to the 150th anniversary of Gettysburg and ran with the bulls in Spain, climbed volcanoes in Italy, worked with elephants in Thailand and went white water rafting upstate NY. I hiked the 26 miles to Machu Picchu. I picked up the ukulele and the trumpet again after 10 years just to keep things interesting. My life continues to get interesting.

Of course none of this could be done without the extreme support of my parents and brother, amazing husband and son, friends and teachers from all corners of the world and improbable places, and people who took a chance and believed in a bluegrass girl.

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BOOKED: Charlotte Cushman in"Historic Doubts" reading at Avant Bard

BOOKED: Ellen/Jenna in"Maple and Vine" at Spooky Action Theater

I am currently taking classes at The Shakespeare Theatre in DC

BOOKED: "Dear Emma, Your Charlie" screenplay reading at the Miracle Theatre, DC

BOOKED: Monologue Slam: Placed top 4 at the Miracle Theatre, DC: Semi-Finalist

BOOKED: "One More Time with Malice" by Rob Cardazone directed by Eric Nightengale

BOOKED: "The Reckless Season" by Lauren Ferebee directed by Dominic D'Andrea

BOOKED: "Crossing the Line" with The Mother Line Project

UPDATE: "August in the City" is storming festivals: New Haven, San Diego, Las Vegas, Oslo, Long Beach, San Diego, Canada, New York Film Festival, SoHo and CANNES!

I am currently taking classes with Scott Freeman

BOOKED: "Dragon Murder Case" a new play reading

BOOKED: "ATTACK! of the Killer Man From the Sun" a new play reading with Hamlet Isn't Dead

BOOKED: Marie in "August in the City" a short film

BOOKED: A night of scenes with The Shakespeare Society playing Holofernes from "Love's Labour's Lost"

I am currently taking scene study classes with Wynn Handman

CALL BACK: "You Are Perfect" a new play, for the role of Susan Atkins at the Workshop Theater Co.

CALL BACK: "Gordy Crashes" directed by Sherri Eden Barber, Cast by Christene McKenna

BOOKED: A short film "Thank You For Syncing" with Guerilla Coast Pictures

BOOKED: A night of new monologues with The Boomerang Theatre company

BOOKED: Commercial with Pretty Damn Sweet Productions for "Smartstones"

BOOKED: Olivia and Sir Simon Sickencheeck in "Twelve Nights" by Sean Graney, NYC premiere

BOOKED:"True Crime with Aphrodite Jones" Episode 501 as Cassie: the murder victim's wife...Did she do it?

CALL BACK: "Damaged Goods" short film, Melissa: the put upon assistant

I am currently taking on-camera classes with Jason Buyer and the Casting Playhouse

CALL BACK: Nashville Shakespeare's Viola in "Twelfth Night" and Rosalind in "As You Like It"

CALL BACK: Hermia in "Midsummer" and "Love's Labour's Lost" with Boomerang Theatre Co.

CALL BACK: Ducan Stewart and Co. for Miranda in "The Tempest" dir. by Aaron Posner

BOOKED: Sir Andrew Aguecheek and the Captain in an all female "Twelfth Night"

CALL BACK: Manhattan Shakespeare Company's all female "Twelfth Night"

BOOKED: The role of Orlando in Oxford Shakespeare Company's all female "As You Like It"

BOOKED: Featured Extra work on "All My Children"

I am currently taking Advanced Scene Study with Austin Pendleton at HB Studios who commented my work is "Spectacular"

CALL BACK: Love's Labour's Lost with The Shakespeare Forum

BOOKED: Commercial for "Dr. Shrink"

BOOKED: Comedy Central pilot pitch "Wired"

CALL BACK: Bryony Lavery’s new play “Dirt” at the Studio Theatre in D.C.

I am currently taking film classes with Tim Phillips

Congrats to the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Tony Award recognition, where I did my internship!

Running with the bulls Pamploma, Spain


Witty Comedy Clip/ The Newsroom
Dramatic Clip/ Law & Order: SVU

Trapeze Skills

Thank You For Syncing

dramatic short film exemplifying my brand


DJ Corey Headshot
Ellen: Maple and Vine
Ellen: Maple and Vine
Lisa: The Reckless Season
Ellen: Maple and Vine
Lisa: The Reckless Season
Ellen: Maple and Vine
DJ Corey Headshot
August in the City
Red Carpet
Shakespeare Society Performance
Smartstone Commercial
Ensemble in Twelfth Night
Andrew Aguecheek in Twelfth Night
Grusha in Caucasian Chalk Circle
Oliva/Simon in Twelve NIghts
Grusha in Caucasian Chalk Circle
Woman in Audition (the film)
The Milktrain Doesn't..Anymore
Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream
Maggie in Dancing at Lughnasa
Emily Lambert Headshot
Brutus in Julius Caeser
King Lear starring Stacy Keach
Olivia/Simon in Twelve Nights
Puppeteer in Ion
Ophelia in Hamlet
Grusha in Caucasian Chalk Circle
Ghost in A Christmas Carol
Grusha in Caucasian Chalk Circle
Ophelia in Hamlet

Rock On! Message sent.


"…The servants Giulio and Simonetta are fetchingly done by Curtis Billings and Amanda Tudor."–Susan Hood,
“Hartford Courant.”

“…Curtis Billlings and Amanda Tudor do well as Italian servants who [express] that in the face of death, life and love go on.”–Frank Rizzo, “Variety.”

“…Jason Loughlin and Amanda Tudor as Ferdinand and Miranda, whose scenes together are earnest, sweet, and endearing”–Brad Lee Thompson, “,”

The Tempest

The Milktrain Doesn't Stop Here Anymore

"Amanda Tudor as Lisa is smart and perceptive, direct in her comments and passionate in her support."-Deb Miller, "DC Metro Theater Arts."

The Reckless Season

“The cast flits in and out of roles at breakneck comic speed. There are clear clown and commedia influences in this production and the cast ably performs some rocking '80s tunes to great effect [...] Twelve Nights has a strong script and a top-notch cast.  It's a lot of fun to be sure. “,” Amanda LaPergia.

“Playing Olivia, among others, Amanda Tudor tackles spoiled brat head on.  Tudor naturally eases into the love triangle [...] Sean Graney's Twelve Nights, a jam packed, high energy, four person retelling of gender-bending love and miscommunications all with an obsession for mixtapes [...] The foursome of actors do a great job at keeping the action moving and the comedy non-stop. “,” Michael Block. 

"Tudor’s Ellen never misses a beat, topping it off with a final monologue that will leave audiences breathless."-Melissa Lin Sturges, "Washington City Paper."

"When Tudor as Ellen lets down her mask and reveals her truth, it’s chilling."

-Patrick Folliard, "Washington Blade."

“…I cannot write another word without saying the acting was INCREDIBLE (…) these extremely talented ladies chewed it up and turned it into something powerfully relatable. Tudor plays Brutus with a quiet intensity, who is so consumed by doing right by Rome and removing ambitious Caesar, she's blind to the fact her desires are actually driven by her own ambitions. As the play unfolds, her quiet intensity turns into a roaring lion whose own ambitions rage out of control”–Julie Feltman, “”

Maple and Vine

Twelve Nights

Julius Caeser

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